5 Glossier Products That Are Actually Worth It

Glossier launched in the UK in February 2018 and has made a name for itself ever since. This sought-after beauty brand is sure to knock those bags off out from under your eyes. With around 35+ products on their website, you may find it overwhelming to decide what you should purchase. Lucky for you, I will be sharing my top 5 products in this post!

This glowy non-oily based serum is sure to brighten up your morning routine. Suitable for all skin types it provides a fresh dewy look that lasts all day long!

Wake up. Cleanse. This milky cleanser applies like jelly, leaving your skin supple and soft when massaging it in. And even better it comes in a travel-sized bottle too! 

This lip balm is probably one of my all-time favourites. It smells like actual roses, however, the scent is not so strong and it's subtle. It's hydrating and it looks so cute in your handbag, pencil case or even a cute Instagram flat lay! BONUS! 

As we are approaching the summer months, it is getting more and more important to apply SPF,  however it should always be part of your skincare routine. No excuses! Glossier's invisible shielf is a suncream like no other. It is light and transparent, meaning that it protects your skin without leaving any white streaks behind. A perfect essential! 

This luxurious moisturiser is bound to leave your skin feeling brand new every morning! I find it is best to be massaged into the skin before bed as it works overnight to seal in the other products. It smells gorgeous and comes in the most beautiful packaging! What's not to love?

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