My Guide to a Reset Day

Ever heard of a GYST day? A Get Your Sh*t Together day? A day where you can take the time to organise, tidy and rejuvenate yourself. You might be thinking of a 'Sunday' however, 'GYST Days' - a term created by Kalyn Nicholson, a Canadian YouTuber are crucial to being successful in either work or your studies because here's the truth: Everyone, including you, needs a break. Yep. You heard (well technically read) it. You must allow yourself time to reset so that you can come back stronger. However what exactly can you do to reset? Well, you have come to the right place!

You can have GYST days whenever. Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, you could even split the tasks and every day could be a GYST Day, however that is a whole other level of complicated that I would not like to get into. You can have them on any day of the week too it does not have to necessarily be on a Sunday and there is no set amount of time that this will take. Not all the tasks below will be suited for you, you just need to find what works best for you! There is no right way to do this and it is not as complex as it sounds. 

  • Clear Your Emails - Get that inbox to zero. This applies to both personal and work accounts. Don't forget to clear your spam folder too and to unsubscribe from those annoying and unwanted brand emails.
  • Set Your Goals - If I do this on a Sunday, I tend to set 3 goals for myself for the week ahead. Simply doing this will allow yourself to grow and to get closer to your long-term ambitions.
  • Complete Any Pending Tasks - There is always that one task we all avoid and in reality, may not take us very long at all to complete. Just do it now and get it out the way so that you can start afresh!
  • Fill your Calendar - Look at what you have going on for the week ahead and plan around that. There is nothing worse than forgetting a meeting or a deadline.
  • Organise The Digital Space - From your desktop to your Google Drive. Get rid of the clutter.

  • Tidy Your Workspace - Desk, office, kitchen table. Clear it. Make it sparkling clean so that when you next come to work it is a pleasant space to work in.
  • Clean Your Gadgets - From your laptop to your phone and any other devices you use, clean them with an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of any smears and dust that may appear.
  • Do a 20 Minute Tidy - Stick on a timer for 20 minutes - no longer and tidy as much as you can in that time. Do not stop until the timer goes off. See what you notice.
  • Water Plants - Your plants may also be feeling drained. Hydrate them too.
  • Change Bedding - There is nothing like fresh sheets, fresh PJs and even freshly washed hair after resetting yourself.

  • A Long Shower - Cleanse, Mask, Exfoliate, Moisturise. Need I say anymore?
  • Practise a Hobby - You may like to read, paint, bake, exercise, practise a sport.
  • Online Shop - Give yourself the satisfaction of something to look forward to. 
  • Workout - If you are struggling for ideas you can check out my blog post here about home fitness ideas. 
  • Watch the Sunset - Grab yourself a drink and simply watch the sunset and let the world go by. You could even journal whilst sitting there. 


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