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Follow my blog with Bloglovin I sat down to write this week's blog post, unsure of the theme or content but determined to get it done. This, of course, is impossible when you have no idea what to write! I reviewed my list for backup ideas for moments like this, but none of them really struck me. Eventually, I thought I would write the post that I have been saving. A Q&A. So let's dive right in!

  • Why did you start a blog?
Towards the end of lockdown, at the end of June, I decided that I would like to start a project or a new venture of some sort. I browsed on Pinterest and decided to start a blog. I enjoy writing and I would love to learn new skills, I also love photography and photo editing. The two go hand in hand which was perfect! It is kind of like a little escapism for not only me but hopefully my readers too! It is something that I enjoy and there is no pressure which works well for me!
  • Are you nervous about starting Sixth Form? 
So, If you didn't already know, this September I am starting Sixth Form. This is super scary considering year 6 literally feels like it was last year. But I am actually very excited having been out of school for almost 6 months. I have completed a lot of transition work and I am ready. (I think) I probably won't be saying this when we go back in 5 weeks! I do really enjoy school. I guess you either do or you don't.

  • Which subjects are you taking at A-Level?
This was a pretty difficult decision for me seeing as  I have no clue what I would like to go on to do! I am taking Spanish partly because I really enjoy it and it was one of my favourite subjects at GCSE, but also because it opens up a lot of opportunities, including travelling which is particularly useful as I don't have a career set in mind yet. I am also taking English Literature, another subject that I thoroughly enjoyed at GCSE. I also love reading and I would potentially like to take my writing further. Finally, it was between Geography and Politics and I decided to take Politics because after I did work for both, I found politics more enjoyable and intriguing and with Spanish could take me into International Business and political matters or possibly a law degree. 

  • Your Ideal Playlist?
Probably the Birthday 2020 playlist I created back in March for my birthday. It is a mix of olden goldies and new hits. It is always on repeat! You can listen to it here

  • What's your favourite colour?
 I love Navy blue. It is my favourite colour to wear. Enough said!

  • Coffee or Tea?
Tea. 10000%. I honestly think that I am a much better person after drinking a cup of tea in the morning. I love trying new flavours too from green to fruity teas. Coffee is an acquired taste, one that I have yet to acquire, despite trying it a few times. 

  • How do you feel about GCSES being cancelled?
When Boris Johnson first announced it in March I felt upset, almost angry. I had worked so hard for almost 2 years and GCSEs were getting close. I spent a lot of time the week prior to planning out my revision and preparing myself for what the next 4 months would entail. I was in a good place, in terms of revision and what needed to be done when the bomb landed. It was a dreary Wednesday evening and I was at my desk on Facetime to my best friend about to get started on homework when it was announced. I cried because I knew that in a matter of moments I had gone from having 10 weeks left of year 11 to 2 days. As I mentioned previously, I really love school and so to be put in this situation for however long was frightening. However, as the weeks passed in lockdown, I came around to the fact that exams were cancelled and it now feels like a heavy pressure has been alleviated. A part of me would still have wanted to sit the exams but now I am looking ahead and I am pleased that I have spent the last few months preparing for A-Levels. 

  • Are you a morning or a night person?
I would say that prior to lockdown I was 100% a morning person. I was more switched on and ready to do things from 6am and come 8pm I was ready to wind down. However, now my day starts at least 3 hours later so I cannot still say the same! 

  • Do you think that it is important to learn and understand languages?
I feel that I hold a biased opinion here because I absolutely love learning Spanish not only the grammar and vocabulary but the culture too and immersing myself in books, films and music in the language. I think that it is important because it allows you to broaden your knowledge and it makes travelling to a country speaking that language a whole lot easier. It can be fun too. 

  • Best Glossier Product?
Ah, you all probably know by now that I am a major fan of Glossier. In fact, I made a whole post on my favourite products which you can read here. My ultimate product is probably Futuredew, a glowy and lightweight oil-based serum. 

  • How did you revise for your GCSEs?
I won't lie, it took me a couple of months to find the methods that work best for me. I have quite a lengthy answer to this so if you would like to see it as a separate post please let me know. Some of the main things I did was  My GCSE science, Seneca learning, BBC Bitesize, revision guides, youtube videos and Physics and Maths Tutor.

  • Best Book(S) you have read?
Probably Me Before you by Jojo Moyes or My sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult!

  • Hardest GCSE Subject?
Physics! Physics paper 2 is just the worst. 

  • What is your dream holiday location?
Most likely somewhere hot and tropical. I am thinking of white sandy beaches with beautiful palm trees and a bright blue sea. I would love to visit The Maldives, Bora Bora or any Caribbean island for that matter. I would also like to go back to Dubai and Punta Cana!

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