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21 Things You Can Do In Self-Isolation

 Will the UK go into another national lockdown this winter? This is the biggest question on our minds at the moment. The unknown future of Coronavirus is stressful for us all. Seeing as going into self-isolation seems inevitable at this point, here are some ideas that can help you stay busy if you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram feeds of banana bread and tie-dyed clothing collections.

1. Organise your workspace. If you are working/home-schooling it would be useful to have a clean and tidy area to work from, it will make your life so much easier!

2. Clear your desktop and digital space. This includes emails, bookmarks and your digital reading list.

3. Read that book that has been on your bookshelf for several months, If not now, when? You can see what I am reading here

4. Get motivated. Set yourself a personal, business or fitness goal and work hard to ensure that you achieve it.

5. Write a letter to your future self. These are pressing and (the word we are all sick of by now) UNPRECEDENTED times. You will be so grateful to read back on it one day.

6. Have a Zoom girls night - Kind of like a virtual sleepover party?

7. Tackle your winter/loungewear wardrobe. Put the summer clothes away and get ready for colder, darker days.

8. Reorganise your bookshelf. This makes me so happy every time. 

9. Cook. Put your culinary skills to good use, or if you don't have any like me, learn! I love the Wagamama IGTV recipes, not only are they super easy, but they taste so similar to the real thing!

10. Unfollow the Negativity on social media and those accounts that you don't frequently interact with. It's the little things.

11. Organise your camera roll - Maybe backup your photos? Or start a scrapbook?

12. Have a (solo) dance party - I love the MadFit dance party workouts on Youtube.

13. Get Planning for 2021! I love my Papier Academic Diary so much! Or you could DIY a Pinterest-inspired Bullet Journal! It's never too early.

14. Facetime your grandparents, or anyone - Share the love and check-in. 

15. Write a book, or if that sounds too daunting, try writing a short story. You will be impressed with what you come up with!

16. Pair up all your single socks

17. Unsubscribe to emails you no longer would like to receive. I did this in the first lockdown and it's is life-changing! Rather than deleting one every time, you only have to unsubscribe once. What would you rather?

18. Relax, Recuperate, Rejuvenate Give yourself an at-home spa day. 

19. Plan new outfits from your current wardrobe for when you are out of self-isolation.

20. Read all the books by one author.

21. Make a vision board - I recommend watching this video by Kate Hutchins for Inspiration.

Just do the things that you love. You probably won't ever get this time again (although that was said last time). Stop comparing your days to the 'productive' ones you see on social media and do the activities that make YOU FEEL GOOD. 


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