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Autumn Favourites

 It's that time of year when the evenings draw darker and the days are shorter. Saying that Autumn is by far my favourite time of year. A great time to try new things, update the wardrobe and any excuse to just chill! This post will showcase a few of my favourite things... ENJOY! 

 Teddy Bear Coat

Faux fur coats are still trending. They are comfortable, cosy and keep you warm! The one below is from Mango AW19, however, I have linked a similar one.

Zara Blazers

A classic navy blazer is the ultimate wardrobe staple, I found the perfect one, a Balmain style dupe, from Zara last month. 

Topshop Dress

Looking for a dress that can take you from day to night? This gorgeous Topshop one will do just that. It is an extremely versatile navy floral dress, which you could pair with a denim jacket and boots during the day and blazer and heels by night.


 Mario Badescu Rose Lip Balm

Tis the season for chapped lips but 2020 style. With face masks now a part of our #ootd, is it even worth using a highly expensive tinted lipstick? This moisturising Mario Badescu lip balm is sure to salve your lip issues.

Photo: Amazon

Bobbi Brown - Skin Longwear Foundation

I love this so much, not only is it quick and easy to apply but it is smooth and incredibly light. It makes your skin glowy and gives you that perfect finish.

Levis Face Masks

Talking of face masks, my favourites are these Levis ones. They are practical and super cute. 

Photo: Amazon

John Lewis - Taste of Britain Hamper

A wonderful treat for yourself or a gift for others as the festive season rolls in. 

 Tassimo Baileys Hot Chocolate

Searching for the most luxurious, velvety hot chocolate? I've got you.


  • Reads I have enjoyed: 
Glamour Magazine  - Perfect light reading or longer articles based on current affairs if you prefer
Politico Playbook - Amazing coverage of the US political system in the run-up to the 2020 election!

  • Inspiring Instagram Accounts to follow: 

  • Netflix:
- Designated Survivor - A thrilling political drama based on real-life issues within The White House
- Schitts Creek - For something a bit lighter, and easy to watch.

  • Podcasts:
 - Reasons to be Cheerful - Ed Milliband and Geoff Lloyd discuss topical issues, a great accompaniment to brighten up your morning commute. 


  1. I loved reading this!! I’ve been looking for a new lip balm ( after mine melted in the lid 😂 ) so I’ll definitely have to try that mario badescu one!! Xxx

    1. Thank you very much! The Mario Badescu one is easy to apply and smells amazing, also it most probably won’t melt in the lid 😂 Xx


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