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Dear 2020...

2020 WHAT A YEAR! A year that took us through many lows and a few noticeable highs. You were different. You gave us a reality check, it was needed but you were brutal.  You taught us not to take life for granted and to make the most of every moment. You coerced us into politics and the news. You told us to open our eyes to the wider world around us and to listen to what was going on and to take action. But most importantly, you took too many lives for which you will never be forgiven.

My birthday, March 2020

It has been non-stop since 1st January 2020!  Seriously, you will be known for all the 'drama' you have caused! From extreme weather events and one of the biggest elections in US history and not forgetting record unemployment numbers and a FREAKING GLOBAL PANDEMIC?! 2020, you have been cruel to so many, and you have impacted the lives of too many. I'm sorry (not) to say this but we're over.

You caused disruption and havoc to our lives, students & graduates were unable to do their final exams, grandparents were (and are still unable) to see their grandchildren, religious festivals, parties, events & holidays couldn't go-ahead and much more. All this was replaced by competing tik tok trends, tye-dying closets, and home-baking banana bread.  The only real way to connect with people was through social media, which played an enormous part in most of our lives, whether it being through Instagram or Zoom, it managed to connect many people through tremendously strenuous circumstances. However, social media was used to enlighten and teach, following the death of George Floyd in May, the internet 'woke up' and it became a place for solidarity and unity. We have worked together to take action against social injustice.

2020 taught us. It taught us things we wouldn't have otherwise learnt about those we live with, taught us about the world, and fundamentally, we learnt about ourselves. You evolved into the person you are today, with the experience of 2020, some of which was incredibly insightful. Time was taken from our busy and overloading schedules to practise new or rekindle your love for former hobbies. From reading to running, you helped us to grow and nurture ourselves with kindness and love.

October 2020

So 2021, what should we expect? Are you going to throw any unfortunate surprises in our faces?  Only time will tell. But here's to getting through a highly difficult year. 2020 was strange, to say the very least. Goodbye, 2020. It was nice knowing you - not.

Yours Truly,

Manisha x


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