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How to be Happier in 2021

Finally, 2020 is history and we are into the New Year which pretty much acts as a rebound after falling into the depths of 2020.  In more unfortunate news, we have made it to January again. A month where we feel almost forced to be 'productive' and 'successful'. We are made to feel unhealthy and unproductive if we sit on the sofa and binge-watch 'The Crown' all day. And this may feel particularly unsettling when you pick up your phone for a quick little scroll through Instagram and see people complete their 10k runs and drinking kale smoothies (which not gonna lie, are actually delicious). Here are some tips to help you combat that feeling, to have a better year for YOU. Often we are so busy and caught up with life and other priorities that we neglect ourselves. 

a cosy day with tea & a good book 

1. Follow Positive Accounts Online.
Introducing positive accounts to your feeds will provide you with a small dose of happiness, whenever you fancy a little scroll. A few of my favourite Instagram accounts are:

2. Block out any people/media that make you feel 'ugh'.
From toxic friendships to your morning newsfeed in your inbox. This is also a good time to unsubscribe from the dozens of marketing emails in your inbox. 

3. Declutter - tidy your mind, your digital space and even your physical surroundings. Read My Guide to a  Reset Day here if you are unsure where to start with getting yourself ready for the year ahead.

4. Immerse yourself with cheerful media.
  • Books that make you know will make you laugh, or classics that you love reading over and over again
  • Podcasts that bring you joy (I highly recommend Sixth and Me :) 
  • Your favourite playlists and feel good-songs
5. Eat what you want to eat, not what Instagram tells you to.

6. Set yourself some long-term goals. 
If you don't get round to completing them, don't worry! At least you had good and motivational intentions.

7. Exercise.
If a HIIT workout revitalises you, then go for it, if a slow walk makes you feel better, then do that. As long as you move your body and keep active in whatever way feels best for you, you are contributing to your own happiness and wellbeing. Equally, its important to have rest days and we all have our 'off' days! Just be sure not to overdo it and pace yourself. 

8. Get Enough Sleep.
Remember the 2020 days when you would fall into your mid-afternoon slump when you immediately regretted the '5 more minutes' which turned into 3 hours of mindless scrolling?  By using peaceful techniques before bed such as meditating, journaling and reading you are telling your body to rewind, and it will be so grateful to you the next day. Perhaps, even try switching off from social media a few hours before. 

9. Talk 
If you are not feeling 100%, in which most people are on most days, talk to a friend to share your feelings and relieve yourself from the weight of these heavy feelings. Remember, it is ok not to feel ok.


  1. Thanks, This was really helpful! I’m definitely going to use some of these tips! I also 100% recommend the podcast sixth and me too ;) xx

    1. Thank you Emma! I am glad you liked it :) Also, Sixth & Me is just the best xxx


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