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January Favourites: 2021

 What a long month January has been! At the same time, I can't believe that we are almost into the second month of 2021. The lockdown days are going by pretty slow, but the weeks are flying by! In that time, I have compiled a list of my favourite edible products, pamper must-haves and my chill time accompanies. What activities/shows/products have you been LOVING in lockdown? 

I have been using these on the daily to combat that harsh winter skin. Vitamin C is a must-have in your morning routine to hydrate and brightens your skin whereas retinol (promotes cell turnover and the unclogging of pores) takes longer to work so leaving it on overnight is recommended. I received these in a set for Christmas and I am obsessed!

I have experienced super chapped lips this winter, and so this product has been my saviour. It feels so luxurious to apply and creates a natural look. It's the final step in my morning routine before the day ahead. 

Lockdown means more self-care moments, a hair mask is great as you can leave it and multi-task for a couple of hours before washing it out. The olaplex kit is super easy to use plus it builds strength and thickness into your hair, making it feel lush the next day!

Online school has had me more organised than ever, with notebooks and pens constantly within my reach. However, the main item I use on a daily basis is this, not only do I love the aesthetic but as a very fussy page-layout person this does just the job! 

One of the best things about Christmas, in my opinion, is all the yummy chocolate. I decided to savour some of it until the miserable January days when I knew I would appreciate it more. haha. And I certainly did!

  • Peppermint Tea
Well, it's just the best right? More time at home means more cups of tea!

  • Nike Training Club
This January weather has been a funny one. Sometimes I wake up and the sun is shining and I know spring is on the way although on a few mornings I have woken up to some snow! One of my goals is to move my body every day in some form of exercise and with this app, I can do my workouts (which range from slow yoga to high-intensity interval training) at any time indoors, without having to worry about the indecisiveness of British weather.

Emma Gannon's conversations with guest speakers each week are just perfect. I've listened to them for over a year on my morning commute. The podcast ranges from productivity to books and career paths. Each episode is completely different from the last and that's what I love the most. 

I've been a proud member of the Goodreads community since 2018. As I have mentioned previously, it's a great way to discover new books, set yourself reading goals and motivate friends to read too. I have spent lots of time this month browsing books I would really like to read this year.

also known as my FAVOURITE MEDITATION APP!! For 10-15 minutes every evening I close my eyes and let these guided meditations refocus and calm my busy mind. They are so simple to use and really are a few minutes to escape from the inner workings of your mind. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!


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