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How to Create a Healthy Morning Routine

Why is a morning routine important? How will it benefit me? These are commonly asked questions by people who wake up 10 minutes before they are supposed to work or get on with their day. By following a routine that works for you, you can improve efficiency and productivity in your day significantly, as well as improving your overall mood. Anyone can develop a healthy morning routine that works specifically for them, regardless of whether or not you are a morning person. It will take time, finding your ideal morning activities and goals, which is why lockdown is perfect for experimenting with this. 

What to include in a morning routine:

- Wake up and go to sleep at the same time daily. Having a simple routine such as this will give you stability throughout the week, as well as making it easier to get up in the morning as you are structuring your day around your body clock.
- 'If you snooze, you lose'. Harsh right? Well, admittedly, it's true. Snoozing alarms can convince us that we can laze around for a little while longer. Is that really how you would like to start the first few moments of your day?
- Make your bed. This is something that I believe is VITAL for a productive day. It is something you can get done before even looking at your To-Do-List as well as preventing you from getting back into bed.
- Hydrate. After sleeping for 8 hours+ your body needs water to replenish. Drinking a large glass of water in the morning will wake your body up, before food or coffee. Also, it's one less of the 8 glasses you must drink daily!
- Fuel your body. Having a breakfast that you look forward to every morning can give you something to look forward too. I have discovered a new breakfast favourite (which I will definitely share on my blog soon) and it is definitely one of the best moments each day.
- Set some goals. Every day I read an affirmation (see below), something that helps me set my personal intentions for the day. As well as this, I plan out my day THOROUGHLY (I am a major planner of course!), literally by the minute. I like to spend a few minutes going over what I need to do that day so that my goals are set and there are no excuses!
- Mindfulness time. Make time in your morning routine to do something that calms your mind. This may seem counter-productive but actually, it will give you a positive outlook before tackling your inbox. In my morning mindfulness, I read a book or meditate. Both of which I look forward to every night. 
- Get your body moving. It is very important to take time each morning to do this. It could be a morning walk, a few minutes of yoga or intense exercise. Of course, you can do as much as you would like to. But perhaps, set yourself a minimum goal eg: 5 minutes each day to maintain some consistency even on rest days?

What are affirmations?
Affirmations are short phrases or words that you repeat to yourself in the morning to set your intentions for the day. They are positive and optimistic, they can change your mindset over a period of time if you stick to doing them consistently. The idea is, if you say them enough you will start to believe them and they will automatically be incorporated into your lifestyle (similar to the art of Manifestation!) I have included a few of my favourite daily affirmations below:

"My thoughts become my reality"
 "I am doing my best"
'I am free of worry and regret"
 "I believe in myself"
"I am enough"
"I am grateful and blessed for all that I have"
"I choose positive happy thoughts"
"Today is going to be a great day"
"My possibilities are endless"
"I am brave, kind and beautiful"
"I am worthy of my goals and dreams"
"I don't fail. I learn and I win"
"I am grateful for my body and mind"
"I have the power to change my life"
"I face every challenge with a smile"
"I'm unstoppable"

I hope this post has inspired you to create your own morning routine and sends you on the path to happiness, productivity and good health! Having downtime each morning is so incredibly important, not only to reduce burnout but to check in with yourself mentally too. Having it built into a routine can prevent you from neglecting your mental, emotional and physical health, which is an utmost priority!


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